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White clay cliffs towering over the River Mangaweka.

The Milky Way looming over the River Mangaweka.

Is it possible that JRR Tolkien had visited New Zealand and became inspired to write the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings?  You saw it with your own eyes how the landscape fit perfectly in the LOTR (that is how it is affectionately called in these parts).  The NZ government’s Department of Tourism has dubbed the country “Middle Earth”.  You can find maps, guide books and tour operators all using some aspect of the filming of these movies.  Apparently many of the more fanatical show up dressed in their favourite LOTR idol; elven cloaks, dwarf tunics, great swords and bows!  I must confess that I am having great regret in putting this awesome long, green hooded cloak back on the rack at a second hand shop I visited on my arrival to South Island.  It was the prefect prop for me to use in my Middle Earth journey.  Dang why didn’t i buy that, only $16.99! Continue Reading »

After 6 mths wandering in Ozz its time to relax ! (hey travelling is hard work).

I spent a week or so in Kuta getting my bearings and finding a surfboard and just relaxing. I stayed at Kadins II (125,000IRP) , an older style hotel with a lovely pool set in a small lush green garden with easy going staff and a good wifi connection. Set on a quiet lane with few scooters you would hardly know you were in the heart of party town! A constant stream of travellers come and go some starting out on adventures others on there way home, stories and ideas for places to go and great cafes not to miss are exchanged over breakfast and around the pool. Luckily instead of having to have a kneeboard made for me I found one for sale used, a south african board, great deal with board bag, fins and leash (about $ 220.0) in like new condition. Came across a cremation ceremony on the main beach, tourists are always welcomed and even encouraged to take photos. Its considered an honour and very favourable that we have come so far to see there loved ones ashes be scattered and there spirits sets free. Such wonderful traditions and ceremonies full of offerings, flowers, music, prayers and a party atmosphere to honour the dead and help everyone to share the pain of a loved one passing. makes our western “culture” appear a bit unsure and lost in comparison when dealing with death.




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Overlooking Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grande National Park located east of Esperence.

I can’t move on to New Zealand stories until I finish up with the last adventure Matt and I had before heading north to Alice Springs.  This is about a true 4WD adventure into our most remote and rugged area yet.  Continue Reading »

Perth‘s Skyline – a modern, rich city. Continue Reading »

Sunset on Cable Beach in Broome, minutes from our camp ground.

Well, another coast of Australia behind us.  Matt’s epic blog brought our travels up to Derby where we roamed the mud flats in search of the beautiful Baob Trees.  We found a good number of them, but it was not enough.  Continue Reading »

The Big Lagoon, Francois Peron National Park – wild, beautiful and empty where clothes are an option!

Australia has been a non-stop series of adventures and unusual encounters with nature.  Having hit the west coast Matt and I looked forward to discovering a good variety of marine life.

We didn’t expect to encounter a drowning kangaroo.  There we were, once again all  alone in the vast coastal Francois Peron National Park,  part of the World Heritage peninsulas near Denman.   We had engaged Rocky’s 4WD, lowered the tyre (they spell tire’s this way here) pressure to 20 psi and plowed thru the sandy track up to the point to see dolphins, turtles, sharks and a big gang of cormorants.  We were instantly greeted by a black swarm of flies, who made us their landing pad and stuck with us for the next 24 hours.  Our only relief from the flies was to dunk our naked bodies under the sea water at our camp in the morning. Continue Reading »