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Diary date : 6th August -2010

Back to Medan

and onto Hong Kong, see Mary’s Hong Kong blog. (more…)

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Diary date : 30th July -2010

Skipping across the island in a cozy safe airplane! we change planes in Jakarta and on to Sumatra.

In the top corner of Northern Sumatra we took an early morning bus ride from the coastal town of Medan to the village of Bukit Lewang; from city life to a lost forest. Shrouded in mist and full of animal calls and of course mosquitoes! On our way we passed 1,000’s of acres of palm trees all planted to collect the palm seeds for the oil in our food! What was once virgin forest is now rows of palm trees. Remind me not to buy any more palm oil! (more…)

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Here I am, back with another promised update.  This is our new discipline, to alternate work days to catch up on editing and blog updates.  While I work, Matt is out exploring Pokhara and obtaining our trekking permits for the Annapura Trail!  We hope to start that very long walk on 25 September.  I am feeling a little apprehensive about 21 – 29 days walking at great altitude in the world’s biggest mountains! “Its just a wee stroll,” Matt says to comfort me.  I say, “let’s hire a porter and make it a wee stroll!”  Details to follow on that adventure later.

Now, Hong Kong.  What a fabulous city!  My big city experience is a Canadian one – Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.  Vancouver would be the more exotic one, what with its tall, shiny buildings nestled into the Rocky Mountains.  None of these prepared me for Hong Kong.  In a word, it is all BLING!  Buildings, harbour, decadence, the shopping paradise for millionaires!  Diamonds, rubies, opals and Rolexs in every window.  The really BIG fashion name brand stores all had guards at their doors and line ups to get in!  Imagine!  As much as I was mesmerized by all the bling, Matt was equally gaga for the technology.  Full malls dedicated to just technology.  We visited it all, more than once and stocked up on new gadgets.

Bling!  Something for Every Occassion! (more…)

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