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O Woe!  In the months before Matt and I set off on this incredible journey, we obediently checked into the Travel Doctor’s office in Victoria for our third world medical consultation and numerous injections (Matt practically cried! Mostly due to the size of the bills that accompanied those injections!).  The nurses we met were gentle,  professional, knowledgeable and current in the afflictions that we could encounter on our travels.  We took home maps of the parts of the world we were headed to that graphically listed all the diseases known to scientific man and woman.  But at no time did we ever hear or read of chickun gunia.  A  mosquito borne viral infection well  known to the many local Rajastani people who brought its name to our attention in Jaisalmer. (more…)

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  1. Sunset at Pallolem Beach, my landing place in Goa.  Beautiful beach but an all night disco party scene!Hello Darlings!

    Yes!  I am back to the blog.  I have been astray from the word and am happy to get the stories started!  OMG! (O My God!)  pinch me, I cannot believe my latest travel adventure! (more…)

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Feb 12th 2011

Jaminargar- “warning unsuitable for Vegetarians”- had best Tandoori chicken in a long time (8mths), hmmm could go on for a long time about the spices, texture and flavours that can only be obtained by carefully marinating the chicken for days and the lovely huge chunks coated in spices and cooked in a Tandori oven, but I won’t as it will only make you jealous of our food adventures. Made a late(10am) start to the day and our planned adventure to the nearby Marine park was thwarted by a bus that failed to show up for over 2 hours, had to change plans as it takes over 2hrs to get there and we needed to at the beach/reef for low tide at 11am! Instead we went back to Parks office in downtown Jaminargar and changed our permit for next day. (more…)

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Feb 6th 2011

A Diu Diu, spent several days exploring the island and really loved the peace and quite, we found a home made ice cream parlour with yummy Ginger ice cream, even checked out the house prices! for about $25,000 (4 bed and Garden) we could buy a slice of what I think could be the best real estate in India! (more…)

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Jan 31st 2011

Palatania was awful!, lousy hotels and even worse cafe’s, good thing I adapted to survive on cookies and ice cream! However the hill or mountain above the town “Shatrunjaya Hill” has over 186 Jain temples and some of the most intricate rock carving in India. Simply a beautiful experience to climb the 3,200 steps up through the rising sun with hundreds of Jain pilgrims and explore the many temples. Red sandstone, white marble glow in the early morning light, intricate carvings of gods, ghouls and angels illustrate the history of the Jain beliefs. Today just like hundreds of years ago the Jain devotees come to pray and then return down 600m and the 3,200 steps at sunset leaving the gods on the hill to complete solitude until the next sunrise. (more…)

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Jan 27th 2011

We moved house! we are in Palintina in Gujarat a 12 hr bus drive from Udaipur…
You get your moneys worth on the bus 257 Rps for a 12hr bus ride! ($5.60).
Lots of friendly passengers and one poisonous snake, in a cage! Very flat landscape with green fields. Our Jain bus pilgrim friends were all excited about visiting the 183 Jain temples tomorrow, only have to climb 600m and 3,200 stairs to get there, need to start at sunrise or before…! . Jains don’t eat meat or even vegies grown underground just in case a worm might get harmed when its pulled up. Local food is very simple and only the butterscotch ice cream stopped me from starving to death. later we hope to hit the Alang ship yards, largest breakers yard in this solar system, anyone need a cheap port hole or two? (more…)

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Jan 24th 2011

Udaipur is hard to leave, its like venice with cows. Lovely sunsets every night with the palace reflecting in the lake. Yummy Blueberry chocolate cake for 60Rps ($1.30). Nice day trips to Ranikupur Jain Temple through the country side passing farms using water buffalo to turn the water wheel to draw water for irrigation. (more…)

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Jan 8th 2011

Now in possession of internet via cellphone USB dongle on Laptop so we will almost always have the web available!

Sun jan 8th- 2011
Finally left Bundi via 9.30am train that failed to actually leave until 11.30am, had chi and cookies for lunch. Lovely train journey through lush green fields, palm trees and river crossings, some desert! Arrived at Chittugar 4.30pm. Tuktuk tour of town looking for dive to call home (Amber Hotel), finally had lunch as the sun set over Chittor Fort. Found rum and raisin chocolate bar and watched double jeopardy on Tv! heading up to the largest Fort in Rajasthan 9.30am!
Matt 12.20am Jan 9th.

Mon Jan 10th- arrived in Udaipur, staying at Dream Heaven. awesome view of the lake, its a fairy tale setting and quite and clean, almost European ! James Bond hangs out here, not sightings yet.

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M & M dashing about the hills on a zippy scooter!

After successfully submitting Matt’s passport documentation to the Canadian Embassy, we once again left New Delhi and headed to Rishikesh on an over night train.  Thankfully the train ride was uneventful and we landed with all our possessions in tact.  We shared a quick tuk tuk ride up river with a nice lady from Estonia, who had been to Rishikesh once before.  We tagged along with her in search of our promised Ashram.  Matt and I agreed that we would spend at least seven days on looking deeply into our souls with days of meditation and yoga.  Rishikesh is the universal centre for both. (more…)

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The Taj, We arrived on Friday and yep the Taj is closed Friday… Sat am we were up bright an early almost 1st ones in the gate, zoomed to the main viewpoint  for 1st light and… no water in the fountains… ack! hard to capture the famous reflection without water. After some sleuth work we figured the pump had failed and tomorrow it would be fixed….

Taj Mahal, Mary and no water..


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