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O Woe!  In the months before Matt and I set off on this incredible journey, we obediently checked into the Travel Doctor’s office in Victoria for our third world medical consultation and numerous injections (Matt practically cried! Mostly due to the size of the bills that accompanied those injections!).  The nurses we met were gentle,  professional, knowledgeable and current in the afflictions that we could encounter on our travels.  We took home maps of the parts of the world we were headed to that graphically listed all the diseases known to scientific man and woman.  But at no time did we ever hear or read of chickun gunia.  A  mosquito borne viral infection well  known to the many local Rajastani people who brought its name to our attention in Jaisalmer. (more…)


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Matt, dwarfed under the glacial wall of the Annapurna Range.

The dream of trekking in Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit has come true! Matt and I have been plotting and scheming this trek long before we left home last February. (more…)

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  1. Sunset at Pallolem Beach, my landing place in Goa.  Beautiful beach but an all night disco party scene!Hello Darlings!

    Yes!  I am back to the blog.  I have been astray from the word and am happy to get the stories started!  OMG! (O My God!)  pinch me, I cannot believe my latest travel adventure! (more…)

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Yangshu on the River Li at Sunrise

Dear Readers, stay with us!  We are still out here far, far away soon to leave Nepal for India.  So many adventures to tell you about.  I can’t wait to tell you about the treasures of Tibet and our adventures on the Annapurna Trek.  But, 33 years in the government have
not yet de-programmend my chronological senses!  So, back to China… (more…)

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Wandering in the Afternoon Light High on the Rice Terraces in Long Ji

After our short stay in Yangshou, we took yet another tour to get to Long Ji to see the mountain side rice paddies.  We only had one night in Long Ji as our aim was to cross China to Chengdu to make our arrangements for our Tibet tour.  In fact, our main aim in China was to get to Tibet and coming in from the east allowed us a longer visa for visiting Tibet. (more…)

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Life of A Kept Panda is Pretty Good

Chengdu is the home of Giant Pandas and gateway into Tibet.  We were there for both.  Travelling without a Lonely Planet Guide did create gaps for us.  Key on every train or bus we have ever taken on this trip is to know where your hotel is, how far from the station and a general sense of how much it will cost getting there by taxi or rickshaw.  What is guaranteed is that the taxi driver will charge you four times the amount and they will never put their cab meter on to make it an honest ride.  This was what we were faced with on arrival in Chengdu.  Our taxi driver refused to give us a real rate and failed to realize he had a map in the back of his cab and other cabs posted the legal rate/kilometer.  Before he could take us on the longest road around the city, Matt ordered him to pull over and out we jumped with no knowledge of how to get to our hotel! Luckily we found an honest cycle-rickshaw driver who agreed to a reasonable rate and delivered us to Sim’s Cosy Garden and Cafe.  (more…)

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Here I am, back with another promised update.  This is our new discipline, to alternate work days to catch up on editing and blog updates.  While I work, Matt is out exploring Pokhara and obtaining our trekking permits for the Annapura Trail!  We hope to start that very long walk on 25 September.  I am feeling a little apprehensive about 21 – 29 days walking at great altitude in the world’s biggest mountains! “Its just a wee stroll,” Matt says to comfort me.  I say, “let’s hire a porter and make it a wee stroll!”  Details to follow on that adventure later.

Now, Hong Kong.  What a fabulous city!  My big city experience is a Canadian one – Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.  Vancouver would be the more exotic one, what with its tall, shiny buildings nestled into the Rocky Mountains.  None of these prepared me for Hong Kong.  In a word, it is all BLING!  Buildings, harbour, decadence, the shopping paradise for millionaires!  Diamonds, rubies, opals and Rolexs in every window.  The really BIG fashion name brand stores all had guards at their doors and line ups to get in!  Imagine!  As much as I was mesmerized by all the bling, Matt was equally gaga for the technology.  Full malls dedicated to just technology.  We visited it all, more than once and stocked up on new gadgets.

Bling!  Something for Every Occassion! (more…)

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