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White clay cliffs towering over the River Mangaweka.

The Milky Way looming over the River Mangaweka.

Is it possible that JRR Tolkien had visited New Zealand and became inspired to write the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings?  You saw it with your own eyes how the landscape fit perfectly in the LOTR (that is how it is affectionately called in these parts).  The NZ government’s Department of Tourism has dubbed the country “Middle Earth”.  You can find maps, guide books and tour operators all using some aspect of the filming of these movies.  Apparently many of the more fanatical show up dressed in their favourite LOTR idol; elven cloaks, dwarf tunics, great swords and bows!  I must confess that I am having great regret in putting this awesome long, green hooded cloak back on the rack at a second hand shop I visited on my arrival to South Island.  It was the prefect prop for me to use in my Middle Earth journey.  Dang why didn’t i buy that, only $16.99! (more…)

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